Another MK Wiles Gif Hunt


15 gifs of Mary Kate Wiles from her latest Fashion-related videos. Please like this post if you are going to save or use any of these gifs. Since I made these gifs myself, please do not repost these gifs as your own or use in your own gif hunt. Thanks. 


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Holy moly you guys, I loved getting to model this gorgeous piece for @hiddentreasurestopanga. Photo by @jason_flynn_photography

Mary Kate Wiles     -    July Fashion Video


My July Fashion Video is here on my channel! Thanks as always to Chris Higgins for taking these pics, shooting my vids, and being all-around wonderful. Which look is your favorite?


{Female Character Meme} || A Female Character you hated and grew to love

Lydia Bennet || Lizzie Bennet Diaries (not in Pride and Prejudice, hated her the whole time. Oops!)


Hey hey hi. Join me in exploring a new audiobook each month! And what’s that—a Lydia book?!!